Bonnet Rouge UHT Milk

  • High quality
  • Excellent taste
  • Easy to open
  • Re-closable
  • Made from fresh cow’s milk
  • Shelf-life of 12 months
  • Premium A-brand
  • Consistent guaranteed high quality

Bonnet Rouge, Building Strong Families

Bonnet Rouge UHT milk is tasty and nutritious. Made from the best quality fresh cow’s milk. The semi-skimmed (1,5% milkfat) variant is vailable in a 6-pack with 500 ml PET bottles. Bonnet Rouge has a shelf-life of 12 months when stored correctly. With a hundred years of experience in dairy products, Bonnet Rouge has become a premium A-brand guaranteeing consistent high quality.

Consumer Unit

Producttype Packaging Content Shelflife (month)
1 UHT Milk (semi-skimmed) PET bottle 0.5 ltr 12

Trade Unit

Packaging Contents Size L x W x H (cm) Gross weight (kg)
1 Carton 24*0.5 ltr 40.6×27.0x21.9 13.5

Container Load

Cartons per 20 ft container
1 1210

Custom tariff no.

(semi-skimmed) 04012011


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